If you enjoy riding your bike on the beach, you probably already know the need to take proper care of it afterward. Taking the time to make sure it’s free of salt water and sand after a ride will help keep your bike in good condition for many more rides to come. Once you know you have the right bike for beach riding, the next step is to make sure you take proper care of the bike. This includes cleaning it often. Let’s take a look at some tips for doing so.


Checking your tires before you put your bike away will help save you time before you head out on your next ride. When you pull in from your ride, take a look to see how the tires are holding up. Check the air pressure and top off if needed. Even if you’re riding on sand, you want your tires pumped to optimal pressure to keep your ride smooth. Also check for cuts or excess wear on the tread. If a tire needs to be changed, it’s better to do it after the ride than to wait. You don’t want anything holding you back on your next morning out!

Sand and Salt

To maintain proper functionality, you need to clean the sand out of your chain, gears, drivetrain, etc. Cleaning out sand isn’t much different from cleaning out any regular dirt that gets in the parts. It will require some time and attention, but the products needed are cheap and easily accessible. It’s important to rinse sand and salt water off your bike to keep the metal from corroding prematurely. Parts other than moving parts (like handlebars and seats) can just be wiped down with a damp cloth.


Chains may be more easily subject to drying out in the nice, warm weather you find at Hilton Head. Parts that are not well-lubricated can possibly jam or break. You’ll also be able to feel the difference in your ride once you have all the parts working sufficiently.

Taking good care of your bike might seem like a lot of work. But trust us; it’s all worth it when you’re riding along the shore and taking in those fantastic views of Hilton Head Island.