Hilton Head was named one of the best biking communities in the U.S., earning the gold award from the League of American Bicyclists. Cycling is one of the favorite ways to explore the island. The fall temperature drop makes it even more enjoyable and refreshing. The island has over 100 miles of public bike paths and another 50 miles of private pathways. Here’s everything you need to know about biking Hilton Head in the Fall:

Bikers should ride with traffic, never against, as they are considered vehicles on the road. They must abide by the same traffic laws and can be charged for the same violations. The guidance is to follow the bike paths when available and obey pathway markings. It also applies to pedestrians and motorists. Each marking on the bike path is identical to road markings. Some private resorts will not allow cyclists unless they’re staying at a vacation rental in that area.

Biking on the Beach

Hilton Head boasts 12 miles of brimming beaches, and the sand is heavily packed, making them ideal for bike riding, especially at low tide. However, the salty water and sand aren’t good for your bike and could cause rust to develop, so we recommend washing your bicycle immediately after riding on the beach.

Biking with Younger Children

Biking is a fun family adventure as long as everyone follows appropriate safety measures. While we recommend everyone wear a helmet, the state requires all kids under 14 to wear one. Safety first and vanity second! 

If your kids aren’t old enough to ride on their own, we have bikes with child seats and pull-along attachments available for rent. 

Parking your Bike

Bike racks are available all over the island, such as in all private establishments, beaches, and public parks. You should note that they can become unavailable quickly, especially in the Summer.

It is wise that you have a backup plan. This is when a sturdy lock comes into play! It will allow you to attach your bike to poles, benches, or stationary objects. It is safer to lock several bikes together.

Hilton Head Bike Trails

Hilton Head has tons of different bike paths to choose from. Most cyclists stay on the main roads as this is the safest and swiftest route around the island. If you’d prefer to stay off the main roads, here are some of the local favorites: 


The bike trails on Hilton Head are heavenly and exhilarating, no matter the season. Make the most of your vacation and put biking Hilton Head in the fall on your bucket list so you can immerse yourself in its wooded forests and immaculate beaches.