Once we deliver the bikes and lock them up outside of your rental property, we leave your receipt under the doormat OUTSIDE the front door to your house/villa.  If no doormat exists, the receipt will be wedged in the door jam.  On this receipt you will see, in the lower left corner, a 4 digit lock combo that has been assigned – for your convenience all of the locks we issue your party will be the same combo.  Though all of our bikes say HiltonHeadBikes.com or Palmetto Bikes on them, all of our adult bikes are blue and have red tape on the handlebars.  Another way to identify your bikes is to cross reference the bike serial number on the receipt with the metallic sticker on the actual bike.  The bike serial number will be written on the middle portion of your receipt, this will correspond to the number on the metallic sticker that is on the crossbar of the bike.