Bike Rentals on Hilton Head Island, SC • Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have bikes for people who are really tall?2018-12-18T22:15:04+00:00

Yes, we have men bikes with oversized frames. Be sure to request one if you are over 6’1″.

What are the bicycle rules on the island?2018-12-18T22:14:30+00:00

Follow the flow of traffic. Cars have the right away in plantations. Ride on the bike paths — that’s what they are for. Do not ride on roads that have bike paths adjacent to them. Stay on the paths and off the roads. Bike paths are marked in many locations on posted maps. You can view a Pathway Map on our website. There are also folded maps available at numerous locations around the island.

Can I ride my bike into other plantations?2018-12-18T22:13:58+00:00

Yes and no. You can enter or leave any plantation if you are staying in that plantation. If you are not a renter you will need a guest pass from a homeowner or renter in that plantation.

Can I ride my bike into Sea Pines Plantation?2018-12-18T22:13:35+00:00

Yes/No. You can only get into Sea Pines if you know someone who lives there or if you are renting property in Sea Pines Plantation. You can also pay $6.00 at the gate plus a dollar per bike but they have to be in your car or truck to enter Sea Pines.

How do I know which bikes I rented?2018-12-18T22:13:01+00:00

We will leave a white ticket in your door or under the doormat outside. It will have the bike numbers and lock combination on it. Also, our bikes have red tape on the handlebars and Palmetto Bikes, Inc. printed on the frame.

Do we have to be there for the delivery of the bikes?2018-12-18T22:12:35+00:00

No, you don’t. We will leave your receipt in the door or under the doormat. We will automatically pick up your bikes on the day you check out. Pickup is always in the early morning.

What if I have problems with my rental bikes?2018-12-18T22:12:15+00:00

Call us and we will replace it as soon as we can.

What if I break down on my rental bike?2018-12-18T22:11:56+00:00

Call us and we will rescue you. Our phone number is on all adult bikes.

How far in advance should I place my order?2018-12-18T22:11:36+00:00

Please place your order at least 72 hours in advance. We check our emails throughout the day and we will send you a confirmation ASAP. During busy periods two weeks in advance is recommended. Make your reservation now.

Do baskets come with the bike rentals?2018-12-18T22:11:13+00:00

Yes, we offer one free basket for every two bikes. Additional baskets are $1.00 each. They fit adult bikes and 24″ bikes only. Please be sure to specify how many baskets you need when you make your reservation.

Do we have to wear bike helmets?2018-12-18T22:10:38+00:00

No, you don’t. South Carolina doesn’t have a helmet law. We do have helmets available for adults and children.  Please specify how many helmets you will need when you make your reservation.

What are the size limits for the Child Seat?2018-12-18T22:10:09+00:00

Age range for the child seats are 15 months to 4 years old and no more than 40 pounds.

What is a Kiddie Cart?2018-12-18T22:09:44+00:00

We can attach a kiddie kart to an adult bike that can hold up to 75 pounds. You can use the screened in cart to carry one or two small children. We also have cargo carts for carrying beach supplies.

What is a Tandem Bike?2018-12-18T22:09:25+00:00

A tandem is a bike built for two adults, or one adult and a child. Both riders will need to pedal.

What is an Alley Cat?2018-12-18T22:09:09+00:00

An Alley Cat is an adult bike with an extension for a child. The child does not have to pedal.

Can you ride the bikes on the beach?2018-12-18T22:08:43+00:00

Yes, you can as long as you don’t ride them in the water.  There is a $ 20 cleaning fee if a bike comes back with beach mud on it.

Do I have to lock my bikes?2018-12-18T22:08:19+00:00

Yes. You must keep your bikes locked at all times when you’re not using them. There is a $225.00 stolen bike fee if your bike is stolen and it was unlocked. Bicycle thefts are on the rise in Hilton Head.