The next in our series of Hilton Head beaches is Islanders Beach. While it’s hard to go wrong with any of the beaches in Hilton Head, some are better than others for your particular situation. It’s always good to know before you go anyway, so that when the kids ask you in the car if there is a playground, you have an answer. It’s also beneficial to know if it’s wise to bring a change of clothes, a lunch, or even your bike. Islanders Beach is the one you want to try if you…

Want to hang out with a group.

Once the Covid-19 pandemic has ended, we’re all going to want to have a party. Doesn’t it make sense to celebrate on the beach? Islanders Beach has what you need for everyone to enjoy the day at the beach together: a pavilion for picnicking (grill included!), a playground for the kids who might get bored on the sand, and facilities where you can wash up before lunch.

Are spending the day at the beach, but not staying at a resort.

The bathroom area at Islanders Beach includes outdoor showers. So, if you are taking a day trip to the beach, you won’t need to worry about driving back home sweaty and sandy in your swimsuit.

Need handicapped accessibility.

The beach should not be kept only to those with full use of their legs! If you or someone traveling with you uses a wheelchair, Islanders Beach may be the perfect stop for you. Here you will find a ramped boardwalk and beach matting that leads all the way to the ocean. Get ready to dip those toes in the Atlantic!


Islanders Beach makes a perfect destination for families looking to spend a whole day out in the sun. Rent a few bikes for the day and you won’t have to worry about anything holding you back. Make sure you bring the picnic basket!