You know who can’t wait for your beach vacation in Hilton Head? (Besides you, of course.) Your kids! Now, you may think they have grand plans for the beach that will take up the whole ten hours a day they plan to be in the sand, you may be surprised when they are too overwhelmed to come up with ideas for what to do. Don’t find yourself caught behind the announcement of, “I’m bored” when you’re on vacation! Arm yourself with one of these activities.

Tic Tac Toe

You may have spent your morning searching for seashells, but now what do you do with them? After sorting them into groups, you may find that you have enough to make 2 teams, which could start your never-ending tournament of this classic game.

Water Bucket Relay

Here’s an activity that could wear those little bodies out fast and possibly foster a good night’s sleep. Dig a hole and let your kids race down to the water and back to fill buckets and try to fill the hole! (Bonus: As the sand absorbs the water, this game could take forever!)

Jump the Waves

The younger your kids are, the more they may be fascinated just by the crashing of the surf against the shore. Because the waves never stop, you and your little ones could be ankle deep in that refreshing water for hours.

Fly a Kite

Here’s an activity that might suit best for evening, when the beach is less crowded. The sea breeze is perfect for this activity, but the trick is how long you can keep that kite in the air.

Bike the Trails

You can see so much more of Hilton Head Island, including the beaches that no one else visits, if you rent a bike and cruise the trails. With kid bikes and attachable wagons, the whole family can ride, no matter how small.

Now that you’ve figured out how to wear your kids out at the beach for the day, hopefully you have enough energy yourself for a little nighttime fun. Check out all that Hilton Head as to offer to keep YOU busy at night.