You probably already know that Hilton Head is known for being a hub of physical activity. Cycling is one of the most popular, thanks to over 40 miles of trails throughout the island. Why would you choose a bike over, say a leisurely stroll along the trail? For the health benefits, of course! Let’s review a few of those benefits of biking.

Good for Your Joints

Pedaling at even the briskest pace is easier on your joints than a jog around town. The low-impact nature of cycling saves the pounding on your knees, hips, and back. Just remember to take breaks from riding as needed to keep those joints from stiffening up from being in the same position for too long.

Good for Your Muscles

The best advantage of riding your bike is how it strengthens your muscles. All major muscle groups in your legs and through your core get a workout when you ride. And because it is low-impact, you can ride longer and work those muscles for an extended period of time.

Good for Your Heart

And don’t forget the most important muscle in your workout! Regular cycling increases your cardiovascular fitness level. Don’t believe it? Get your pace up to 15 -20 mph for 20 minutes or more, and see how your heart rate soars.  (Just be sure to do so safely, avoiding other exercisers and vehicles as you ride.)

Good for Your Soul

Does anything feel better than the wind through your hair and sun on your face? Not only does your body need to vitamin D provided to you amply in the South Carolina sun, but regular exposure to sunshine contributes to a number of other health benefits as well, such as relief from depression and lower blood pressure.


Sure, there are many activities to try when you come to Hilton Head. But make sure that riding a bike is one of them. Your body will thank you for it! Contact us today to reserve your bike for your next visit to Hilton Head!