What’s almost as good as a vacation? The photos of that vacation! When our memories fail us, pictures can help us remember the good times and the beautiful places we’ve been. Where can you visit Hilton Head Island to capture the best photos? Well, nearly anywhere, of course! But we have a few places in mind:

The Harbour Town Lighthouse

A favorite spot for locals and tourists, the Harbour Town Lighthouse is a photo haven. Take a tour through the lighthouse museum and get all the best angles of the island from the top of the beacon. If the photos weren’t perfect enough memories, stop in the gift shop for more trinkets to commemorate your journey.

Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge

Creeks, Marshes, and around 250 different bird species… oh my! These are just a few lovely things you can expect to see on Pinckney Island. Your camera lens will fall in love with the view! Pack up and take a nature hike or a bike ride among the miles of trails for the ultimate experience in nature.

Sea Pines Shell Ring

Hilton Head Island is the largest island on the Southeast Coast and is very popular with tourists, even the first tourists who built this ring 4,000 years ago! A near-perfect circle of shells lies amidst the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. Made from thousands of oysters, clams, whelk, and many other shells and bones, the Sea Pines Shell Ring site is both peaceful and picturesque.

These places and more are one of the many reasons that so many flock to Hilton Head for a memorable getaway. Remember that the beaches are plentiful here, too, and make an ideal backdrop, no matter the time of day. (Though the sunsets and sunrises are pretty incredible!) Reserve your vacation today and snap all the vacation photos that will make your friends and family say, “I know where I want to spend my next vacation!”

“A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye.” – Roger Kingston.