Cycling is a year-round sport, especially in the South, where the temperate weather begs you to stay outside more. You have even more reason to continue your bike riding routine in Hilton Head. You don’t want to miss the beauty of the coming new seasons with miles of trails. Before you head out on a ride, you have to get your bike ready.

Your Basic ABCs

Always ensure it’s safe before you take your bike to the trail. That starts with your ABCs – Air, Brakes, Chains. Do you have air in your tires? In the winter, you don’t want to fill too full. A road bike should be pumped up to about 100 psi, but keep it less than that during icy weather to give a better grip. Brake levers should be working to engage the brakes, and brake pads must be sufficient to stop your bike. Bike chains (as well as your cogs and crankset) also need to be lubed so they stay in working order. You don’t want them to freeze up during a ride!

Dress Right

Although the weather is nicer in the South, and you can expect warmer weather in Hilton Head than you might at home, you still won’t be heading out in a tank top on most days. Since weather can be tricky – especially at the beginning of the season – plan to dress in layers.

Be Seen

With the sun setting earlier each day through fall and still early in the winter, it’s essential to prepare for riding in the dark. Wear light-colored clothing, reflective if at all possible. Also, make sure you have front and rear lights on your bike. Reflectors are not enough to get your bike ready for dark fall rides.

If you don’t have the time (or interest) in bike maintenance, you can always just rent a bike from All American Bike Rentals. All our bikes will be prepared for riding, no matter the season. Come in warm and head out cool.