Hilton Head – not quite the land of 1,000 beaches, but a vacation spot with many beaches nonetheless. Each Hilton Head beach has its own unique personality, and if you have been following our posts, you may have already seen what differentiates each area from another. Some beaches are more open and family-friendly, while others are more secluded and private. Some areas are perfect for riding a bike, while others are better for kicking back and relaxing. The focus today is on the beach at Alder Lane.

Alder Lane is the perfect beach destination for you if…

… You need amenities so that you can spend the whole day at the beach.

Sometimes you want to enjoy the day outside, but prefer to leave the beach at the beach. In other words, you need showers beachside. No one likes driving home with leftover sand between their toes. You also might want to make sure there are facilities for your kids to use during their play time. (Or for you, during yours!)

… You want to stop for a delicious dinner after your beach time.

Or, you might choose to stop for a real Southern homestyle breakfast before you go out to the beach. There are several options nearby. Southern Coney & Breakfast is a top rated breakfast restaurant that you might like to try. For an after-beach dinner, dust off the sand and head to Kenny B’s French Quarter Café. Or the Amigos Café. All are only about half a mile from the beach.

… You require assistance getting to the ocean.

Alder Beach is a great beach for those who need to roll to the water instead of walking there. Beach matting is provided all the way to the ocean so that everyone can enjoy the life-breathing sea breeze hitting their face by the water. Whether by wheelchair or bicycle, Alder Beach is waiting for you.


The best way to visit these Hilton Head beaches is by bicycle. You don’t have to worry about parking and you get a workout on the way. When you come to the beach at Alder Lane, you and your whole family can spend the whole day playing (or not!) by the sea.