When you go on vacation in the beautiful state of South Carolina, you might be looking forward to some time relaxing outdoors. If you’re heading to Hilton Head and looking for an alternative to the surf and sand at the beach, you’ll be happy to know that Hilton Head has several parks for you to enjoy. There are many different activities to be enjoyed in these parks, so once you’ve decided what you’d like to do, you can find the park that would be your best option. Here are a few from which to choose:

Jarvis Creek Park

Best for: Wildlife

This highly rated park is the perfect spot to go for taking in the beautiful nature of the Lowcountry. What wildlife are you most likely to see while heading out on the .9-mile walking path? You’ll most likely come across a few gators. Enjoy your stay!

Mitchelville Freedom Park

Best for: Historical learning opportunities

With a hiking trail and beach nearby, you can enjoy the outdoors and wildlife while still filling your mind with a wealth of information about this Civil War era treasure. With that combination, everyone can be entertained for the whole day.

Compass Rose Park

Best for: Viewing natural and man-made art

With great access to local bike trails, this park is a relaxing spot to stop and take a break. Beautiful water features complement interesting sculptures and in the spring, flower designs.

Gregg Russell Harbour Town Playground

Best for: the kids

Located close to the center of town, this is the place to take your kids when you need them to get some energy out. The playground is great for all ages!

Whatever you’re looking for as a way to relax, Hilton Head has something for you. If you would like to see something other than the beach, you won’t be disappointed in the local parks.