When you were a kid, you likely remember times of just jumping on your bike and riding it over to your friend’s house. Then, the two of you would get on those bikes again and ride around the neighborhood or to another friend’s house. There was no plan.  Now, as a grown up, things like riding your bike require a little more preparation. Even if you’d prefer to just get on and go, there are a few bike ride essentials you should make sure to remember to bring with you.


No matter how long of a ride you are going to be going on, it is wise to prepare for enough nutrition (liquid and solid) along the way. Even if you plan on a short ride, your plan could change. So be sure to have two beverage containers (preferably with water), and a few high carb snacks for the road.


Yes, cycling is a lot of fun, and you wouldn’t expect there to be much to riding. But bicycles are machines, and we all know that machines can break down at any time. At some time or another, you may get a flat tire. Having the proper tools along with you can get you on your way a lot sooner than calling for help. The basics you should have include: a spare tube, CO2 canister or small pump, levers, and maybe a patch.

First Aid

Even the most experienced riders crash sometimes. Those falls can easily end your ride for the day. However, if you only have a few scrapes or bruises, you can quickly clean up and keep going. Consider bringing some bandages, antiseptic, wraps, and other necessary ointments or medicines you require.


Riding bikes can still be a lot of fun, even if you aren’t a carefree kid anymore. Take a few minutes to prepare your bike ride essentials and you’ll be able to ride safely too. After all, someone has to be the responsible grown up now.