Welcome to the next edition of “Know Your Hilton Head Beaches,” an ongoing reference to guide you through the perks of each of our local vacation destination hot spots by the water. The focus this time is Mitchelville Beach, located in a quiet and historic part of town at 124 Mitchelville Road. Mitchelville Beach is the beach for you if…

… You aren’t big into crowds.

Even during the busiest times of your average beach day, you won’t need to park your beach towels too close to a neighbor. How this beach gets forgotten is a mystery, as it is one of the few beaches on the island that has matting leading to the water for our disabled friends or those who prefer not to get their feet too sandy along the way. Bathrooms, sand showers, and picnic areas are also available to make this destination just as comfortable as the rest.

… You want to play!

If you are coming to spend time at the beach with your active or athletic family, bring the gear with you! Just over the bridge, you will come to Barker Field, which is home to several ball fields, as well as a playground for the little ones. Go to play, or go to watch. – whatever makes you happy.

… You like a little green on your beach.

Trees and grass dot the landscape on Mitchelville Beach, making it a joyful combination of everything outdoorsy. As beautiful as this makes your surroundings keep in mind that with the added greenery, small creatures eat or live within that greenery. Bug spray or deterrent might be an excellent addition to your beach bag.


As you prepare your trip to Hilton Head, be sure that Mitchelville Beach is on your list of day trips if you fit the criteria above. It’s a beautiful opportunity to get to know a different kind of beach where you can take advantage of unpopulated space and watch the sea breeze blow through the grass and trees.