Halloween doesn’t have to be just for kids. Even adults like to have the fun of being scared sometimes. During this spooky time of year, you’ll find plenty of chilling events and sites to visit that can frighten just about anyone. Spend your adult Halloween on Hilton Head!

Harbour Town Blue Lady

Hilton Head is home to some great ghost stories, one of them being the legend of the Blue Lady in Harbour Town. The story centers around the story of a man and his daughter during a hurricane that hit the coast long ago. As the old man died keeping his lighthouse post during the storm, he made his daughter, Caroline, promise to keep the light in the lighthouse burning to warn the sailors out at sea. Caroline, herself, died at this task, but appears to have kept her promise still. She has been said to drift about the area that was the lighthouse (now in Palmetto Dunes), still wearing the same blue dress in which she perished.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Though you may not see any ghosts, you’ll certainly get the chills when you take a tour of this Savannah cemetery. One of the most beautiful cemeteries you’ll see by day, it takes on a different shroud by night. Take one of the 2+ hour tours of the more than 100 acres of beautiful land as you listen to the Master Storyteller impart the legends behind the graves.

Baynard Plantation

No Halloween in Hilton Head would be complete without a visit to the Baynard Plantation to visit the ghost of William Maynard himself. Maynard died in his home during the Civil War and was buried in a nearby mausoleum. Shortly after his death, Union soldiers took over the homestead and raided the mausoleum for treasure. If you don’t see old Bill himself, you may catch a glimpse of his funeral procession going past the property or hear the horse-drawn carriages traveling through.


Check out these Hilton Head haunts and many others when you come for Halloween. Tis the season for ghost hunting, don’t forget about scheduling your transportation!