Interested in a unique adventure while visiting Hilton Head? It’s time to get to know the Lowcountry Maritime Forest. Just off the waterway, you’ll see greenery unlike anything else. Here’s an idea of what you’ll find.


You will find the Lowcountry Maritime Forest in the South Atlantic Bight, within the South Carolina barrier islands. As far offshore as it is located, the forest is quite well protected from the powerful storms that are often brought in by the Gulf Stream. This allows the maritime forest to keep its structure and beauty through the years.

Trees and Shrubs

As with any forest, the main attraction is thick flora abounding just beyond the water’s edge. Trees you can find there include oak (live, water, and laurel), red cedar, splash pine, magnolia, and sweet gum. These hardy trees all help keep the forest intact, no matter the weather. In addition to the canopy of trees, you will find the deep rich greens of ground-covering shrubs. The species common to the area include bayberry, beauty berry, saw palmetto, and several types of holly (American and yaupon, among others).


The sturdiness of the shrubbery provides comfy homes for certain creatures native to the forest. If you’re quiet and come at the right time, you might spot deer or birds nibbling on the berries, as well as squirrels or raccoons. Once you head out toward the water, you’ll start to see more amphibious creatures.

The Lowcountry Maritime Forest can be visited any time of the year with the same experience. The trees and shrubs stay green throughout the year. Take a deep breath and enjoy the clean and natural beauty of this unique forest.