Perhaps the reason you decided to vacation in Hilton Head is because you were eager try something new. Your taste buds have experienced cuisine from all across the United States, and now you’re longing to see what all the culinary fuss is about in the Lowcountry. Many dishes are paired with a red rice staple, but unique and diverse dishes abound. As you sample, be sure to include these favorites on your list.


Here’s what Hilton Head is known for. You haven’t tried oysters until you’ve had them here. Fall is when oysters are at their peak and you’re likely to find plenty of festivals to try different styles and types of oysters prepared in a myriad of ways.

Shrimp and Grits

No trip to the South is complete without at least one sampling of this favorite Lowcountry dish. No one does grits like the Gullah, an early African people from the area. You shouldn’t have a problem finding this dish anywhere you go on the island.

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken is a must when traveling to the South, and paired with waffles, it makes the perfect comfort food. In Hilton Head, Wiseguys is the place to go to try some of the best.

Lowcountry Boil

Also known as Frogmore Stew, here’s a blend of local seafoods or meats, potatoes, and corn that gives a nod to Cajun spices when you taste it. There’s no specific recipe here, and there are many variations, so you never know exactly what you’ll find in your bowl.

Crab Cakes

With crab as plentiful as it is in the Lowcountry, there’s no better way to serve it up than in a delicious fried patty. Be sure to give crab cakes a try at the Palmetto Bay Sunrise Café.

Hopefully you’re a fan of seafood and soul food. If not, there’s plenty of traditional American (and other) fare available in Hilton Head to suit the tastes of everyone in your party. But don’t miss this opportunity to see what the Lowcountry culinary scene is all about.