One of the most enjoyable and economical activities your whole family can enjoy on your vacation to Hilton Head is bike riding. And while there are over one hundred miles of dedicated bike trails to explore, you shouldn’t venture out until you can be sure everyone will be safe and return fully intact. Before even leaving for your vacation, you can get the kids psyched up for the trip by making sure they know how to ride right and obey the law. Maybe the grown-ups can use a refresher course, too.

Know the Law

Signs are posted for the public good, not merely as suggestions. When a sign says STOP, that goes for bikes as well as vehicles when on the road. Bikes must adhere to the same laws as cars, including riding on the right side of the road and yielding to pedestrians.

Know the Equipment

You could be doing everything just right, and then—WHAM! Your bike falls apart. Okay, maybe not that drastically. But before you set off, be sure to check your bike’s ABCs – Air in the tires, Brakes, and Chains. If these parts are all in order, you stand a better chance of an event-free ride. Just in case, though, be sure to wear your helmet, another vital piece of equipment.

Know the Signals

Being courteous to others on the road and trails by indicating your direction or change in speed is a benefit to everyone. It allows others to alter their course around you. The basic hand signals are left arm bent 90º upwards for a right turn, held out straight for a left turn, or angled down for a slow-down. It is also helpful to call out, “On your left!” when passing another cycler or pedestrian.

Know the Way

If you plan out your ride ahead of time, you will have fewer decisions to make while you’re riding and can focus on what you’re doing.


Make your Hilton Head vacation a time of family bonding and outdoor exercise. Make it an experience to remember by teaching your children about bike safety before you go!