Vacation is all about relaxing. Wouldn’t it be incredible to kick back in the evening and listen to some soul-soothing riffs on the piano, a mellow bass plucking its way through your being, or some cool brass lighting up all the right places in your brain. Hilton Head has some fantastic spots to hear the jazz music for which the American South is known. Be sure to hit on one of these places to get the feel.

The Jazz Corner

Selected as one of the top 100 jazz rooms in the WORLD, you can’t miss this club. Head to the Village of Wexford or follow the sounds of the music drifting into the street. The establishment is small for a more personal experience. And the food is delicious!

Jazz by the Sea

Want to combine your love for the ocean with your passion for jazz? If you are staying at or near the Sea Pines resort, you can enjoy them both together with a cocktail in hand. From 7 – 9 pm on Tuesday nights, head to the second floor of the Sea Pines Beach Club. You will enjoy a full dinner and a variety of drinks as the music feeds your soul.

The Pelican’s Point Seafood and Steakhouse

While this renowned steakhouse is likely more well-known for its comedy shows, if you come on the right night, you could hear some of the sweetest live music on the island. The food is great, the view is amazing, and the entertainment. . . well, we’ll let you judge for yourself.


The late, but still great Louie Armstrong is credited with saying, “If you gotta ask [what jazz is], you’ll never know.” That means it’s definitely time to start exploring the rich tradition of jazz music. Come check out the Hilton Head jazz scene in a club or restaurant that fits the mood of your soul.