You may remember that we recently began a series introducing you to the various beaches you’ll find on Hilton Head Island. Because different people want different kinds of beach experiences, you can look around the island to see what fits your needs. Honeymooners probably want something that caters more to adults and may not need amenities for kids. Conversely, larger families may rely on a beach to have rental equipment so they don’t have to carry it all. But why spend your day trying them out when we can tip you off here? Today, we’ll take a look at Burkes Beach. This is the beach for you if you…

…want fewer people around.

Burkes Beach is the place to visit when you prefer to be alone with the beach, or maybe just with your significant other. Fewer crowds means more privacy, which may mean a longer stay. However, the price you pay is that there are only thirteen parking spaces (metered) at this beach. Overcome that minor detail by parking at the nearby Chaplin Park and getting in a little walk.

…are hoping to try out your new sand bike.

If you’re starting at the park, you might consider riding over to the beach. But to get down the long path between the dunes and continue onto the beach, you’ll need a bike made for that unique terrain.

…will be bringing your pup.

Not many beaches can claim to be completely dog friendly. But at Burkes Beach, you will find a fenced area (so you don’t lose him to the waves) to let your pup enjoy the sand and salt air, too. If you’re bringing kids as well, there’s a playground for them to enjoy, while older kids might want to bring their tennis rackets to hit the courts.

Burkes Beach is your best bet for a beach for a little privacy on your beach day. This might also be Fido’s beach of choice, since there’s a place for him to play as well. Just make sure you come early enough to get a parking spot, or plan to do some beach biking from the park.