Welcome back to our Beaches of Hilton Head series! You may remember that we’ve covered a few other beaches in this blog to help familiarize you with the beaches in the beautiful town of Hilton Head. It’s important to know whether the beach you’re about to bring your family has a playground and picnic tables or if it was meant for honeymooners. (Parents, you know why.) Likewise, newlyweds might not care to share their space with small children running by. What will you find at Folly Field Beach? Read on to see.

Plan Ahead

Head north on the island to Sand Dollar Road and Starfish Drive, near Port Royal, and you’ll hit Folly Field Beach. Come prepared for meter parking, with meters that accept coins or bills. You may also want to review Hilton Head beach regulations so you don’t bring anything with you on your trip that you shouldn’t have (such as your four-legged friends.)


If you are traveling with a person who is wheelchair bound, or if you just prefer to wheel your wagon down to the ocean on beach matting, you can breathe a sigh of relief at this Hilton Head beach. A wooden boardwalk leads to the beach and the matting to make your trip as convenient as possible.


Also, for your convenience, you will find restrooms and showers. No one wants to drive home covered in sand. Towels can only help so much without off-beach shower spray. If you decide to stay longer than originally planned, Folly Field Beach has you covered for lunch. Water fountains and vending machines can take the edge off your hunger.


As far as who would enjoy Folly Field Beach the best? The answer is: everyone! Folly Field does not cater exclusively to young children, nor is it a private, adults-only beach. Because of this, anyone with a towel and some sunscreen will feel at home at this Hilton Head beach.