You grabbed your golf clubs and packed a bag, eager for your vacation in Hilton Head. What you didn’t expect was how much you would appreciate the rest of the town, off the links. Now you can’t wait to go back again so you can find even more exciting hangouts. Here are a few places to try when you come back.


If you are a golfer, trying a variety of courses is a must. But why not spread your wings and branch out with a few other sports? Hilton Head is a great place to explore on a bike. Bring or rent a beach cruiser or a road bike and traverse the many miles of trails. While you’re here to visit, pick up a new sport like tennis, pickleball, or even kayaking. Then, when you come for a longer stay, you’ll be ready to join a club. People in Hilton Head take health seriously, so keep yours in tip-top shape.


Perhaps the reason so many Islanders are so active is because there’s so much good food to work off in Hilton Head! Knowing where to find the best places for your favorite foods is a must for a long-term visit. There are several places you might want to try to get a feel for the local cuisine.


Maybe you’re thinking about a place to settle down for the summer, for many summers, or perhaps even for retirement. To get the best experience, you need to spend some time getting to know the area the way the locals know it. Get to know those new neighbors, and you’ll find out how great Hilton Head can really be.