Not all beaches in Hilton Head are the same. Some are more active, with a variety of games and activities available for the family. Some are perfect for bringing a beach cruiser and exploring by bicycle. Some were created to make your day of lounging completely effortless. When choosing a beach, you might want to think about what you want from your beach day, and then choose the beach that best meets your needs. The first one we’ll look at is Coligny Beach. This is the beach for you, if you…

…have young kids who might not be ready to brave the ocean.

Coligny Beach Park offers a splash pad for those who want to cool off in fresh water. This is often a favorite destination of young children, as are the playground attractions. Coligny Beach is definitely a kid favorite.

…plan to spend the whole day at the beach.

Amenities such as showers, restrooms, and picnic areas make Coligny Beach a perfect destination to pack up and spend the day. There’s plenty there to keep everyone happy.

…want everything within walking distance.

Before heading out into the sand, you might enjoy a little time browsing the shops along the way. Free parking is available nearby, so you can hop out of the car and take a walk. Hungry? You can even find restaurants along the strip. Since changing rooms are available, you can do your off-beach activities before, during, or after your fun in the sun.

Coligny Beach is your best bet for a beach where you can spend the day with the family—especially if you have a family that prefers to be active instead of just lying on the sand sunbathing. Of course, in a place like Hilton Head, nothing is off the table.