If you are blessed enough to have a week-long vacation in Hilton Head, you’ll certainly want to make the most of it. You really can’t go wrong with your accommodations or dining, so here we will just focus on what activities you should try while you are here. Mix and match as the weather suits.

Day 1: The Beach

Probably the most popular activity for Hilton Head visitors, the 12+ miles of beach you’ll find are sure to keep everyone happy. Many of the beaches on the island are free to the public, so enjoy the white sand and warm water as long as you like.

Day 2: Bike Riding

While you still have some energy, get out and do something active! There are over 100 miles of bike paths to guide you in exploring the island, as well as fully-equipped bike shops. If bike-riding isn’t your thing, you might want to go for some golf, tennis, or even pickleball.

Day 3: Coastal Discovery Museum

Maybe best for a rainy day, this free museum can give your family all the art, culture, and history you need for the week.

Day 4: Dolphin Watching

Take a boat tour that will shuttle you to prime dolphin-sighting spots. Who knows what other wildlife you will see on your boat ride? Be sure to bring your camera!

Day 5: Play!

Hilton Head has many playgrounds and parks that are fun for all ages. Of course, the night life on the island provides play time for adults as well.

Day 6: Shop and Sightsee

Head over to Harbour Town to see the famous lighthouse and pick up your souvenirs.

Day 7: More Beach!

Because this is the best part of a vacation, you’ll probably want to relax in the sand more than just once.


Although there is enough to do in Hilton Head for weeks on end, you won’t be disappointed with a one-week stay. All the rest of the fun activities will just have to wait until you visit again next year!