If you are one of those ultra-prepared people with a list for everything, you probably already read this article six months ago. Since it wasn’t written at the time, you may not have. But one way or another, you were thinking and planning what you need to pack to get ready for your Hilton Head getaway. Now you can read it to confirm you’ve got everything you need.

The Basics

Suppose you’re that organized type of person. In that case, you already have a list of the things you need to bring on vacation: Enough warm weather clothes for the week (plus one or two extra, just in case), necessary toiletry items, swimwear, towels, and snack food if needed.

Hilton Head Extras:

You’re probably already set with your sunscreen. But there are a few other things you might want to think of as well. Bug spray is often helpful if a few small, winged creatures enjoy your beach day. Not a fan of bringing the beach home with you? Pack some baby powder. Sprinkle it over your sandy limbs, and the sand will brush off easily. If you want to make sure your gear stays organized and protected from water and sand, bring along several sizes of resealable plastic bags. Also, make sure you have a shade plan – some way to take cover when the sun gets to be too much. Whether brought or rented, an umbrella can allow for an even longer day at the beach. How about an extra bathing suit? After you wash your suit out on the first day, it might take a little while to dry out. And what’s more uncomfortable than putting on a wet swimsuit?


Chances are you want to be active while on a Hilton Head getaway. Ensure you have comfortable walking shoes for exploring and athletic clothing/equipment for your desired activities, like golf, biking, or tennis. Even if you aren’t a super-prepared person, at least you’re reading tips to make sure you get your packing right! Remember, chances are you will be able to get what you need down here anyway. Hilton Head Bikes can help you find just what you need – whether you forgot it on purpose or not.