The key to a relaxing but robust Hilton Head vacation is planning ahead of time. While you may not be the type to follow a strict itinerary, a little research ahead of time will give you an idea of what you’d like to see and do during your stay. The weather on the island is usually mild this time of year, warm and sunny enough for spending the day outside. Along with the natural beauty of Hilton Head Island and its surrounding areas, there are many fantastic festivals, shows, and events throughout November and December.

Staying Active

Since the weather never gets too cold, hiking and biking are fantastic outdoor options this time of year. If you are planning to enjoy a bit of exercise while visiting, make sure to check out the natural areas local to where you are staying. Pinckney Island for example offers amazing wildlife settings, several different landscapes, and guided trails.

Let’s Eat!

If you’re hoping to have a more leisurely vacation looking ahead to the dining options is a great idea. Trying new cuisines and specialty fare while on Hilton Head is an exciting time, but it can be quite frustrating when everyone is hungry and no one knows what to eat. Pick from a list of award-winning restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We Haven’t Forgotten the Entertainment

 And since you’re visiting in December plan to celebrate some holiday cheer with the island’s festivals, parades, and shows. With so many activities for children, adults, and families it could be hard to choose on the spot. Some places may require a reservation this time of year, so be sure to call ahead today as you plan your winter getaway.


Enjoy the whole trip, without the pressure of last-minute decisions or the stress of a “wasted” Hilton Head vacation. Thirty minutes of planning now can save you a headache later on. Happy Holidays!