Here we are for the next chapter of “Know Your Hilton Head Beaches,” helping you pick the perfect spot for your beach destination. In this edition, we will take a look at Fish Haul Beach. Located in Bay Gall, this beach is in the historic Gullah district of Hilton Head at 124 Mitchelville Road.

Fish Haul Beach is the right Hilton Head Beach for you to visit if…

…You don’t need a lot of equipment or gear to have fun.

You aren’t going to find much more than the (free) parking, bathrooms (including showers), and matting down the beach to the ocean. Kids might not be too thrilled, as there are no playgrounds or sports fields. This might mean Fish Haul Beach might not be your first choice to host a party. But that doesn’t mean you can’t come and enjoy what God has put here.

…Your favorite beach activities include birdwatching or walking.

Some people get excited at the thought of long walks on the beach. That’s why it’s so common to see on dating profiles! But since many other people look for other entertainment when they go to the beach, going to the beach just for a walk might be rarer than you think. Beyond walking, you will find a great observation deck to stay in place and watch the many interesting birds who frequent the island.

…Cleanliness and beautiful scenery are important to you.

While Hilton Head is famous for its pristine, environmentally-friendly outdoor conditions, this trait really comes to life at Fish Haul Beach. Don’t let the name fool you. This beautiful beach is well-cared for and pleasing to the eye – just what every visitor needs to feel relaxed.


After a day of historical touring in Mitchelville, maybe you want a relaxing place to kick back and take it easy. Or maybe you’d like to take a bike ride with your significant other for a secluded romantic picnic. Fish Haul Beach might be just the place for you.