Traveling with your children during the school year often requires an explanation to the school to reason why the trip needs to occur during school time, thus precipitating a form with that information. You are taking your kids to Hilton Head – what should you tell the school? Luckily, the island is full of fun yet educational sites to visit. But where are the most educational spots on Hilton Head Island? That depends on the subject you want to study.

Coastal Discovery Museum

For everything you could ever want to know about the island’s environment, you want to spend a day at the Coastal Discovery Museum. Whether your interest is the flora or the fauna, the arts or the music, your family can explore exhibits and trails that interactively involve you first-hand in the experience that encapsulates all of Hilton Head.

Fort Howell

Hilton Head was an important player in the Civil War. A visit to Fort Howell will reveal the story of how the Union protected the village of freed slaves from the Confederates. However, keep in mind that you will not see a traditional fort. Instead, bring your hiking shoes to tour the area and learn all about the site’s history.

Cultural Studies
Gullah Heritage Trail Tours

The Gullah were the first group of freed slaves in the country to band together and eventually establish their village (Mitchelville). But while the road to freedom and independence was far from easy, maintaining the culture that made them unique was still necessary. Take a tour and see just how much was involved along the way.


Learning can indeed be fun! In Hilton Head, you have plenty of opportunities to learn something new, whether for school or your own betterment. Make the most of your upcoming vacation with the kids and sneak in the opportunity for them to learn something while they’re having fun! (Add some PE credit for the kiddos by renting a few bikes for the day to get to these educational spots on Hilton Head Island!)