As you are planning your vacation itinerary, you might want to consider penciling in your bike ride first, after looking at the weather for the week. Of course, you can ride your bike in any weather, but you should keep in mind the danger associated with certain conditions. Even sunshine can be deceiving at times. Here’s what to look for in perfect bike riding conditions when planning a day to ride.


True cyclists aren’t as concerned with what they can see as much as what they can’t. They know that high wind speeds can make any ride more difficult. Sudden gusts can knock a cyclist off their path and into danger in an instant. Wind also adds resistance when you are riding against it. This makes your body work harder and causes you to feel like you have ridden farther than you actually have. Your best bike ride will have minimal wind resistance to give you a more accurate reflection of your tempo.


Different people prefer different temperatures for exercise. Some do not feel they have had a proper workout unless they have dumped a gallon of sweat from their body in the heat. Others would rather freeze their toes off than go outside when it’s over 80º. Neither is wrong, but both should consider dress needs. Warmer weather will dictate lighter fabrics to prevent overheating. In contrast, cold weather requires layers of heavier clothing to keep away frostbite and other cold-related ailments. In either case, the best clothing to wear is moisture-wicking.

Weather and Surface Conditions

Obviously, the road will become slippery when it is raining. Specifically, the first 10-15 minutes of a rainstorm, when oils have been brought up from the road and begin to spread across the new puddles, is the most dangerous time to be on the road. Being able to stop your bike when and how you intend is crucial to staying safe. However, you should always be mindful of the road conditions. Loose gravel or sand can react similarly to a wet road.


If you want to have to best possible bike ride during your Hilton Head vacation, be sure to check the weather before you go. The perfect ride should have the perfect bike riding conditions.