Welcome back to our catalog of Hilton Head beaches and how each may or may not suit your needs. Though you have undoubtedly found a favorite by this point, it might be time to spread your wings and venture out to find another one. Or perhaps your needs have changed. Traveling with children this time? Or maybe your first time without them, and you prefer not to have the reminder? Be sure to check out the other posts in this series to find your new perfect match. Is Driessen Beach on your list? It should be if…

… You’re looking for a beach that doubles as a park.

The highlight of Driessen Beach is the shaded area just before the actual beach that sports pavilions with picnic tables and grills and a safe playground for the kids. This feature makes it a perfect place to host a gathering with family and friends or just a nice way to spend a whole day at the beach without anyone getting too bored or hungry.

… Want a clean place to change or clean up after your time in the sand.

Updated, clean facilities are a must for most travelers, and Driessen Beach will not disappoint in this area. Not to mention, the shower and bathroom area are conveniently located and close to both the beach and the play area so that no one needs to be uncomfortable for long.

… Need a lot of parking space.

Although the parking lot is not the main attraction at the beach, it is always important to know that there will be a place to park. The lot is metered for you to pay when you leave, and the boardwalk connecting the lot with the beach itself is not more than a five-minute walk, getting you to the fun in no time!



Driessen Beach is the beach for you if you’ve got company joining you. Have a picnic, play with the kids for a while, or just kick back and relax.