If you are the type of person who isn’t content on a vacation until you’ve learned something, Hilton Head will not disappoint you! Whether you are interested in the historical, cultural, artistic, or environmental aspects of the island, you can stoke your curiosity at any one of these museums of Hilton Head.

Coastal Discovery Museum

For nuggets of knowledge on natural and artistic things in Hilton Head, set aside a day to visit the Coastal Discovery Museum. Exhibits and trails will walk you through the island’s natural setting, flora, and fauna. Certain areas are set up for the experience of local art and crafts. This museum is certainly a site to visit for all things Hilton Head.

Gullah Museum

For the historical and cultural aspects of Hilton Head’s surroundings, be sure to visit the Gullah Museum. The Gullah is an African culture that established the first village comprised of and run by formerly enslaved people after the Civil War. Today, the Gullah protect their culture and share their history in this museum.

Arts Center of Coastal Carolina

The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina boasts award-winning visual arts performances and hosts cultural festivals that delight year after year. Even if you aren’t visiting for a show, the educational opportunities available are outstanding.

The Hilton Head Museum

For all things generally pertaining to the island, head to the Hilton Head Museum, located at the Visitor Center. Tours are available to give you a glimpse of the island and learn a little history while you’re here.


Honestly, there is enough rich culture and history in Hilton Head to keep you coming back year after year. Spend a week (or a few weeks) getting to know what we’re all about by visiting all of the museums of Hilton Head. The memories you and your family will make here will last a lifetime.